Food Authenticity & Contamination Testing

Food authenticity testing and contamination testing represent serious issues from the point of view of food safety as well as from an ethical perspective, for example when food has to meet particular dietary or religious needs.

Detecting bacterial contamination is a key aspect in food microbiology. Food Control™ qPCR is a diagnostic system for easy determination of contamination degree in agricultural or food industry via real-time PCR, typically after a pathogen-specific cultivation phase and microbial DNA extraction.

The Meat ID™ kit series (e.g. Meat ID™ Halal kit) is designed for the identification of animal species of origin in meat and meat products by qPCR. This detection system can be used in combination with our optimized DNA extraction system for meat. Halal testing must ensure that halal-labeled food, and particularly processed food, minced meat etc., meet the halal meat specifications. Also non-food items like cosmetics and pharmaceuticals must be tested for halal conformity. Frequently, these products contain animal by-products or other ingredients that are not permitted under Islamic law. Authentication of forbidden or not declared ingredients such as pork or substandard meat is essential to ensure confidence in the supply chain and regulatory compliance.

Vegan Control™ combined with food-specific DNA extraction is a qPCR-based screening system for the detection of animal traces in food, to assess or verify the suitability of food products for vegans.

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