All customers may order via our online shop, by e-mail, fax, or telephone. For customers outside of Germany, please contact the Minerva Biolabs’ distributor within your country. If your country does not have an authorized distributor, you are welcome to order via our online shop.

Information to provide with your order:

  1. Name, telephone number, and e-mail address
  2. Company/institute
  3. Shipping and billing address
  4. Purchase order number
  5. Catalog number
  6. Product name, size, and quantity

Terms of payment

Terms of payment are 14 days (Germany) or 30 days (EU or non-EU countries) after receipt of invoice. The goods remain our property until payment of the invoice. The terms and conditions apply.

Our VAT No.

Free shipping for qualified orders

Within Germany, shipping charges are 12.50 Euro for standard shipment. Minerva Biolabs will pay the shipping charges for any order within Germany that totals 300 Euro or more. Please inquire about costs for international shipments at

Same day shipping

Within Germany orders will be shipped the same day until 12 AM, unless otherwise stated or requested. Non-perishables can be shipped from Monday to Friday. To ensure product integrity, sensitive or less robust products normally are not shipped on Friday. However, please contact Minerva Biolabs for special arrangements.

In case of a delay in delivery we will inform you immediately. If requested we will send you an order confirmation.

Prices are subject to change without notice. Please confirm current pricing at the time of your order.


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