Decontamination Reagents for PCR Labs

Contaminations by DNA, RNA, DNases, and RNases represent a major concern in molecular biology, especially when using highly sensitive techniques like PCR. Such contaminants are known causes of artifacts, false positive and false negative results, and inaccurate data.

Avoiding and removing DNA contaminations can be challenging. When working with RNA, the main concern is RNases, which are omnipresent and can easily compromise entire sets of PCR experiments, by degrading the targets.

Minerva Biolabs’ decontamination reagents can be used efficiently and safely in any workspace, on equipment or work areas, and on various surfaces including floors.

Available as spray or single-use wipes for gentle decontamination, PCR Clean™ is a cleaning solution with non-hazardous and biodegradable ingredients, active against all most common contaminants at once (DNA, RNA, DNases, and RNases).

LabClean™ can be included into the lab cleaning routine or used for spill clean-up of floors and large surfaces, in order to prevent spreading of contaminants to other lab areas and to reduce the risk of PCR contaminations.

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