PCR Reagents & Enzymes

The performance of PCR enzymes, reagents and thermal cyclers for conventional and real-time PCR is being constantly improved in order to obtain faster and more reliable results. Minerva Biolabs´ solid experience in molecular biology results in the development of excellent standard PCR enzymes and mixes for a broad range of applications.

Minerva Biolabs offers also kits (PCR Cycler Check™ and qPCR Cycler Check™) for the verification of thermal cyclers´ temperature control as essential tools in research or industrial quality assurance labs.

Additionally, to avoid the detrimental consequences of nucleic acid contaminations in molecular biology laboratories, we recommend monitoring the presence of DNA contaminants with our Lab Monitoring Kits.

At Minerva Biolabs, we develop PCR products and methods for sensitive and reliable detection of nucleic acids and microbial contaminations and to control the performance of your PCR lab.

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