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The company was established in August 1999 as a spin-off from the Robert-Koch Institute (RKI) in Berlin. Minerva Biolabs GmbH started with innovative products for the effective diagnosis and elimination of mycoplasma contamination in cell cultures and biopharmaceuticals.


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The transition to a quality management system (QMS) in accordance with ISO 9001:2000 has been made in November 2000.


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Based on our experience with the production of high quality and reliable diagnostics for biopharmaceutical quality control, Minerva Biolabs transferred this know-how to the development of clinical diagnostics for respiratory infections in 2001.


Expanding our product range image/svg+xml

The consequential expansion of our product range led in the beginning of 2004 to the introduction of the worldwide first bacterial diagnostic assay. Another innovative improvement followed the same year by the integration of the Aqua Screen® System into the portfolio of contamination control solutions. The Aqua Screen® System provides a highly efficient method for the filtration and detection of legionella in water. The transition to a quality management system in accordance with ISO 13485:2003 has been made in July 2004.


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As a direct result of our steadily expanding product portfolio, we are pleased to present our first product catalogue at the beginning of 2005.


Adding new products image/svg+xml

Minerva Biolabs develops two new products for the PCR Detection and the control of microbial contaminants. The PCR-Assays Venor®GeM-qEP and Venor®GeM-qDual can be used for the detection of mycoplasma DNA. Both products were launched in the beginning of 2007.


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In June, Minerva opens its new company building with state of the art laboratories, production facilities and offices on the site of the Vivantes-Wilhelm-Griesinger hospital in Berlin-Marzahn.


Mynox®Gold & Onar® image/svg+xml

In the beginning of the year, Minerva Biolabs expands his product range with two new clinical test kits Onar®MRSA and Onar®Tp. Onar®MRSA in vitro test system for quantitative and rapid PCR-based detection of Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus in clinical samples. Another innovative improvement followed with Mynox®Gold, a further development of the classical Mynox®, which was known for a very high elimination efficiency and low cytotoxicity. Mynox®Gold is a combination of a standard antibiotic and a biological reagent.


Venor®GeM Advance & ZellShield® image/svg+xml

Minerva Biolabs developed the PCR Assay Venor®GeM Advance, a further development of the classical Venor®GeM PCR Detection Kit. Another innovative development followed the same year with ZellShield® – The Cell Culture Contamination Preventive, which protects cell cultures from most intracellular and extracellular growing gram negative and gram positive bacteria, mycoplasma, protozoon, fungi and yeast.


Already too small! image/svg+xml

Minerva accuses back into the Innovationspark Wuhlheide in Berlin Koepenick for a 890 square meter laboratory and office space. The production facility in Marzahn is reduced and is only used for the production of our positive controls.


New drinking water regulations image/svg+xml

New orders: Minerva rises in the classic culture method for diagnosis of Legionella. Together with the entire diagnostic service, it has been accredited in accordance with DIN EN ISO 17025. The mycoplasma diagnostic service also receives the GMP status.


Contract manufacturing image/svg+xml

The production of clinical diagnostics products is discontinued due to the competitive pressure of leading market players. The capabilities and capacities for the design and manufacture of IVDs are now offered as contract manufacturing services.


Dilarus image/svg+xml

The service division spins off. From now on, Minerva Analytix GmbH offers a specific portfolio of testing services.
The companies Minerva Biolabs and Minerva Analytix are transferred to the holding company Dilarus.


New product line begins image/svg+xml

The contract manufacturing division keeps growing. We need more space soon. The development of a new product line begins: products for sensitive bacteria detection based on qPCR to replace culture-based sterility testing.


Planning a new location image/svg+xml

We start planning a new company location and a new building in order to expand our capacities.


We continue growing image/svg+xml

The bacteria detection system is ready! Our exclusive sales partner begins with the marketing.
The construction project for our new location begins.


Moving In! image/svg+xml

We are back in Berlin-Marzahn. We triple our capacities and move into a building tailored to our needs. Highly technical. Energy-efficient. With a cool design.


Residual DNA Testing

The new product line for Residual DNA Testing using advanced dPCR method is successfully introduced, following its development initiated back in 2019.


25 Years Minerva Biolabs

We are celebrating our anniversary! Minerva Biolabs looks back on 25 years of company history with great pleasure and would like to thank all partners and customers for the trust they have placed in us.