PCR Thermal Cycler Validation

A defective PCR thermal cycler can be the cause of false negative results or unspecific amplifications. The lack of reproducibility of published results or the unsuccessful application of well-established PCR protocols might be due to a malfunctioning PCR cycler and, therefore, critically deteriorate your good laboratory practices.

For compliance to international legal standards, devices must be regularly checked for correct temperature and heating rates. Although commercially available temperature sensors or verification/calibration services can usually measure temperature uniformity in a cycler block, this measurement does not necessarily reflect all critical parameters for the accurate functioning of the cycler.

Minerva PCR Cycler Check™ kits are applicable with any PCR and qPCR cycler whether in research or industrial quality control laboratories. No extra equipment or software is needed. PCR Cycler Check™ for thermal cycler validation is a validated one-step kit, easy to-use and includes all reagents needed for the thermal cycler validation reaction. Explore our thermal cycler validation kits.

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