PCR amplification has become an indispensable method in every molecular biology lab.
Usually, the necessary reaction components (buffer, dNTPs, MgCl2, DNA polymerase, various primers) are sequentially added to prepare a PCR master mix, which is then aliquoted into individual reaction tubes. The subsequent inclusion of template DNA prior to PCR adds further pipetting steps to the procedure, thereby increasing margin of error, risk of cross-contaminations, work time, and costs.

Our ready-to-use and convenient ConviFlex™ DNAmp Mix is pre-mixed, temperature stable, and optimized for efficient and reproducible PCR reaction in a broad range of applications for both conventional and real-time PCR.

ConviFlex™ DNAmp is freeze-dried and includes already all the core components required for PCR amplification, except user-specific DNA template and primers.

Using Minerva Biolabs PCR Mixes will drastically reduce the risks of cross-contamination, the margin of error and the PCR hands-on time.

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