Ultra Pure Water, PCR Grade

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Ultra Pure Water or PCR Grade Water is purified, sterile, deionized, double-distilled water, designed for use in special molecular biology applications (e.g. DNA and RNA-based methods).

PCR Grade Water is free of detectable endotoxins (≤ 0.05 EU/ml) and does not show any detectable DNase/RNase/protease activity.

Our quality control procedures also include highly sensitive screening of DNA (bacterial and fungal) via real-time PCR.

Recommended Use

Suitable for use in molecular biology applications and with nucleic acids:

-PCRs and qPCRs with any instrument
-cDNA synthesis (e.g. RT-PCR)
-Sequencing / cycle sequencing.

Package Sizes

  • Cat. No. 55-0075 5 X 1.5 ml

Shelf Life and Storage

The product can be stored between +2 °C and 30 °C and is stable until the expiry date indicated on the label.