Mycoplasma Elimination

Mycoplasma elimination from lab work areas, safety cabinets, incubators as a routine cleaning measure can save time, money, and the laboratory reputation. Besides, timely decontamination of infected cell culture materials can prevent further spreading of mycoplasma within the cell culture laboratory and contamination of other cell lines.

Minerva Biolabs offers two product lines as efficient solutions to this problem:

Discover how our mycoplasma elimination products (Mynox® and Mynox® Gold) can eradicate mycoplasma from an already contaminated cell culture, with negligible cytotoxicity. In principle, however, we highly recommend immediate disposal of any contaminated cell culture by autoclaving. After having discarded the contaminated cells along with the used reagents and cell culture media, we recommend thorough cleaning of the whole laboratory.

Our trusted mycoplasma decontamination spray and wipes (Mycoplasma Off™) are essential tools for the routine cleaning of a cell culture facility.

As an efficient contamination control measure, we also recommend frequent routine testing of cell culture materials with our PCR-based Mycoplasma Detection Kits. Our PCR-based mycoplasma assays allow fast (within a few hours), simple, effective and sensitive detection of mycoplasma-contaminated cell cultures in any standard molecular biology laboratory.

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