Venor®GeM qOneStep Kit – easy-to-use, fast and sensitive mycoplasma detection kit.

Rapid: Less than 3 hours to results
Easy: Results in 4 simple steps
Maximal Sensitivity: 10 copies/reaction and high specificity
US, Canada and Mexico

Detection of Bacteria Contamination in Cell Cultures - Onar® Bacteria
Overview of a rapid & sensitive method to detect bacterial contaminations in cell cultures:
-By endpoint PCR
-No complex equipment/skills required
-In only 3 h
US, Canada and Mexico

Mynox® Gold – Mycoplasma elimination from cell cultures
> 100 % effective
> Negligible cytotoxicity and low risk of resistance development
> Straightforward protocol

- Cost-effective solution for contaminated standard cell lines
- Optimal solution to rescue in-house established cell cultures (e.g. primary cell cultures)
US, Canada and Mexico

WaterShield™ – Water disinfectant additive:
  • Protects laboratory water reservoirs (CO2 incubators, heating baths, etc.)
  • Highly effective against microbial growth for up to 4 weeks
  • Compatible with cell cultures and safe
  • Easily applicable 200 × solution

Mycoplasma Screening in Cell Cultures - Venor®GeM Advance
Needless to say how mycoplasma contamination can easily undermine research findings or impact safety of biological therapeutics. Nevertheless, we are here to ensure that you escape such misfortunes!
In this short tutorial, we show how to use our pre-aliquoted Mycoplasma Detection Kit-Venor®GeM Advance, which has been specifically designed for the optimal and direct detection of mycoplasma in cell cultures, cell culture media, or any other biological matrices by conventional PCR.
Check out our comprehensive technical note for more details.

ZellShield® - Protect your cell culture from contaminations
A ready-to-use multifunctional supplement against bacterial, fungal or mycoplasma contamination.
- No application of conventional antibiotics is required.
- Can be used as a routine additive with simple application.

All in all, ZellShield® will help you to effectively protect your cell culture from microbial contaminations.
US, Canada and Mexico: