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Water in CO2 incubators and water baths offers ideal conditions for microbial contamination. WaterShield™ is a water additive with disinfecting properties that prevents microbial growth in these reservoirs.


Reliable protection from microbial contamination & easy handling without pipetting.

  • Broad Antimicrobial Activity

    WaterShield™ is active against most bacteria, mycoplasma, protozoa, algae, fungi and yeast.

  • Wide Range of Applications

    WaterShield™ can also be used in regular water/heating baths including water pans of CO2 incubators and is compatible with common laboratory surfaces, e.g. tin plated iron, chrome, nickel steel, high grade steel and copper.

  • No Cell Toxicity

    The water additive contains quaternary ammonium compounds and surfactants as disinfecting and cleaning ingredients, but no aldehydes, phenols, alcohols or azides. The reagents do not evaporate. All ingredients are safe and do not cause any irritating effects to the skin when used at the recommended concentration. No unpleasant odor noticeable.

  • No Pipetting

    Simply add the content of a 10 ml bottle of WaterShield™ directly to 2 liters of deionized water.

  • Long-lasting Activity

    The reagent is usually active for 4 weeks. A blue stain indicates the status of the additive. In case of increasing bioburden a renewal of the water and the additive is required.

Recommended Use

Use biocidal product carefully. Always read the label and product information before use.

Applicable in research and industry only. Not recommended for clinical applications. Do not use on acrylic glass or aluminum surfaces.


The 200-fold concentrated aqueous solution is supplied in ready-t-use units of 10, 50, or 500 ml (10 ml to 2 litres deionized water).

Active ingredients: 0.9 g/l Diamine, 0.84 g/l Bardap 26

Package Sizes

  • Cat. No. 15-3015 15 x 10 ml
  • Cat. No. 15-3020 3 x 50 ml
  • Cat. No. 15-3050 500 ml

Required Consumables and Lab Devices



WaterShield™ should be stored at room temperature. Do not store the product near a light source, radiation or in a modified atmosphere room.

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